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About us

Interests, goals and professed values. These are what we have in common. Fascination with the cosmetics market, modern approach to business, concern for ecology and enthusiasm for solving problems. These qualities are visible in our actions every day.

Customers can benefit from our knowledge of the market, contacts with manufacturers, prompt and individualised service, innovative logistics solutions and, finally, the joy of working for the company. Because we love what we do!

I am in the right place

I would never have expected this: cosmetics are my passion. From the first day at work, I took an interest in it and felt that it is what I want to do in life. Therefore, I keep a close eye on trends and novelties and try to offer customers the best prices on the market and professional service. I have always enjoyed contact with people, and this work has allowed me to meet fantastic people through participation in numerous fairs and specialist events. I love these meetings. I appreciate the exchange of experience. Trust in business contacts: that is the most important thing for me. About me: a qualified logistics specialist, a perfectionist by avocation. I appreciate the little joys of life, but I always remember; first work, then pleasure. The idea of sustainable development appeals to me. Sustainable growth for the individual, societies and our planet as a whole. I care about the balance between work and private life, between physical and mental activity. I do not know if this is the key to success, but I am happy with it.

Our strength lies in our team

We have decided to work together because we are united by shared values. But not just that. We believe that business skills are also important. We know this, so we decided from the outset to build the company based on the standards of modern business. We monitor the market by visiting trade fairs and specialist events; we gather information on novelties and select the products that correspond to our philosophy. By working with recognised brands, we also want to do something good in our industry. Promote small, ecological brands and acquire new customers for them. We believe that the world should know about certain products. We greatly appreciate regular cooperation. Then, we can get to know the customer's needs better and search for products that are most suitable for them. We believe that professionalism and individual approach works best and guarantees success for both sides. We ensure that our customers have the best possible prices and that the goods are delivered to them as quickly as possible. These are our daily challenges and a source of satisfaction.

We offer our customers a broad selection of top-quality cosmetics of both popular and niche, ecological brands. We guarantee very competitive prices.

We are continually developing and establishing contacts at home and abroad. We want our brand portfolio to grow and reflect our philosophy. Searching for "pearls" is our speciality.

Our customers include stationary and online shops, wholesalers, beauty salons and everyone seeking unique make-up and care products. We operate all over the world, and the entire world is our home.