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Olaplex in the Barber world

It has been known for a long time that the OLAPLEX brand is a recognizable trademark of a professional line of hair cosmetics, used in most hair salons around the world. Recently, one of the trainers from the Olaplex Academy talked about the increasing use of Olaplex products by barbers.

Due to the fact that I use such services myself, we persuaded one of the local barbers to test several Olaplex products on customers' beards. After a few treatments, the barber Paweł admitted that he would never have imagined that OLAPLEX products would prove to be so useful also in the barber world.


As part of the application, the following products were applied to the stubble: No 3; No 5; No 6; No 8 and No 9.

No 3 - the purpose of using this product is to rebuild the hair structure,

No 5 - this is a conditioner that is best left for about 10 minutes on the stubble,

No 6 - a product that makes it easier to tame the hair,

No 8 - intensely moisturizing hair mask and most men forget about moisturizing their facial hair.

No 9 - New on the market for 3 months - a protective serum that maintains the hydration of the hair structure, which makes the hair more pleasant to the touch.


The barber Paweł himself noticed the benefits of using OLAPLEX products during the treatment.

The customers themselves, returning to Paweł, said that the hair, which until now was hard and coarse to the touch, became nice and soft.

Maybe it's time for barbers to start using Olaplex products in their salons?

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